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Two Faces new single Unspeakable Things out now!

The electric duo, TWO FACES is back with their newest single Unspeakable Things!

Pierre-Olivier and Benjamin are a vibrant and energized duo that have nurtured a remarkable friendship and creative bond leading to the uplifting, compelling and freeing melodies in their songwriting. With a cinematic sound universe on the border between Brit Rock and French Touch, they speak the language of their generation : a deep reflection on the dualities of today's world with engaging lyrics about self-discovery, brotherhood, climate change and politics.

Unspeakable Things is the first single and chapter of the upcoming album Out of Time, expected in autumn 2022.

This song describes the genesis of Two Faces, or how two friends approached music and their strong and unusual complicity to express and overcome the hard times in life.

Unspeakable Things expresses also the difficulty for new generations to grow in this era of uncertainty, and how to thrive together no matter the adversity.

It presents the band's clear signature and musical influences : it is a taste of what we can expect from the upcoming album with hypnotizing melodies, powerful electro rock arrangements and two deep and complementary voices singing anthems of freedom, brotherhood and change.

Media highlights : Featuring on the top selection of France Inter Radio - November 2021

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