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Top 10 ADISQ of the most watched music videos : L'amour me va

With more than 10k views on YouTube in 24 hours and a place in the ADISQ Top 10 of the most watched music videos, Laura Gagné made an entrance that resonated.

With this first track from her forthcoming album, Laura reveals a new facet of her project, a pop-soul universe with soaring electro influences. In her sublime smokey voice, she gives us a hymn to modern love that enchants and liberates: "L'amour me va".

Laura thus paints a simple and sincere picture: You cannot control a force of nature, but you can tame it. Love is a wild and dangerous wave on which you have to know how to navigate. Each heart story has its gift to offer and always in perfect momentum. As life comes and goes, hearts come and go. Goodbye headaches and emotional tears, it's the new normal.

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