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Management : Mélanie Roman -
Press inquiries : Cécile Callens -
Booking : Benjamin Geffen - 

Two Faces

Electro Pop-Rock (France)

TWO FACES are two soul brothers with a sound universe on the border between Brit Rock and French Touch, and a unique cinematic atmosphere.

They speak the language of their generation, vacillating in the face of their own uncertainties and those of the world around them.

With a latent sensitivity, Two Faces exposes the struggle between light and shadow with hypnotizing melodies, powerful electro rock arrangements and two deep indie vocals.

In 2017 the group released their first EP Two Faces. From then on, they asserted a pronounced taste for video by successively releasing the clips Hangover, Fake Memories / Real Escapes and Hidden Feelings with Spline Studio.
The same year, Pierre-Olivier and Benjamin, already mature on stage, made their mark on the Lyonnais musical landscape by winning the Ninkasi Music Lab competition. It is this urgency found on the stage that will guide the group to Release the Beast, the second EP carrying all the animality of the two protagonists.


Modeled by the experiments of their first 2 EP,  in 2022 Two Faces will release their first album Out of Time where the challenges of their generation meet the emotions of those who are the actors.

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