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Management : Mélanie Roman -
Press inquiries : Cécile Callens -
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Two Faces

Electro Pop-Rock (France)

New face(s) of the electro-rock scene, Two Faces has managed the tour de force of reconciling rock and intimate. This duo bears the face of two soul-brothers brought together to dissect the inner collapse as well as that of an era that is collapsing on itself, producing a raw conscious Rock that looks this world straight in the eye.


In 2023 they released a first album that praises this vertigo, the frantic race towards consolation, the vestiges of adolescence that burn and gallop in our veins and this tiny hope that the future seems to hold at arm's length.


They could be the legitimate heirs of Archive or Woodkid, but Two Faces has freed themselves from their peers to deliver a singularly human debut album, burning with truth and which proves that listing one's fears is indeed courage.

"After the Embers" is experienced like a trail of powder, between the quest for appeasement and the urgency to fight it out, as if the embers left behind could mean the end of a fire or the promise of a new fire.

A record made like a cinematographic epic adventure which comes to seize the subjects of society with sincerity.


This album is an intimate conflagration that allows Two Faces to affirm loud and clear that rock is not dead, it just changed face(s).

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